About Us

Chiral Drugs Pvt Ltd provides high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for the branded and generic pharmaceutical industries.

We are a rather young company (Founded in 2003), led by an equally young & enthusiastic team of accomplished industry experts. Our API products comply with the highest regulatory requirements of international health standards. The company's manufacturing facilities, located at Surat in India are FDA-inspected and fully cGMP-compliant. Our modern facilities are designed in line with the management’s continued stress on sustainable environment protection. Leveraging our strengths in complex chemistry, today Chiral Drugs has emerged as the largest Indian producer of the API – Chlorzoxazone. We offer our customers a product with consistently high quality standards. We can state with a sense of pride, that we are the source of choice for a wide band of discerning customers – both Domestic and Global. Chiral’s APIs come bundled with comprehensive technical and regulator support. Our high quality control measures are applied across the supply, development and manufacturing chain, allowing Chiral to manufacture products of exacting quality. Our meticulous ‘on-time’ order execution policy is designed to ensure that our customer’s production plans run un-disrupted.

Chiral is in the process of developing several interesting molecules and intermediates and aims to be an industry leader for these products too.

We hereby extend our hand of friendship to you and look forward to welcoming you in the family of our satisfied customers!